Blog from April, 2004

Second Confluence Client released

Jon Lipsky has been doing some wonderful work on a Confluence client recently (see his blog entry and the XMLFace examples page for screenshots and webstartable versions).

Although primarily intended as an example of using his companies' XMLFace library (an XML gui definition library which allows you to generate Swing and SWT interfaces) it is actually quite a useful Confluence rich client. It doesn't yet have TimTam's sexy tree view, but it does work with Swing (albeit with an ugly HTML renderer) and support searching across all spaces - neat!

Edit page bug fixed in Confluence 1.0.2

A critical bug in 1.0 that stopped users from being able to edit a page has now been fixed in version 1.0.2. You can download this latest version from here.

We suggest that you also quickly scan through the release notes for 1.0.1 as these fixes are included in 1.0.2 (particularly if you have delegated user management to LDAP or JIRA).

Confluence 1.0.1 Released

Confluence 1.0.1 is now available for download. This is a maintenance release, and is recommended for users who wish to resolve certain specific issues such as Sybase support, space visibility in global reports, direct attachment linking and external user management performance. Be sure to read the release notes before deciding whether you need to upgrade.

New Documentation - Integrating JIRA and Confluence

A lot of users have been asking us how get the best out of using JIRA and Confluence together in a team. We came up with four ways to get them working well together.