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When you add a mail account, you are configuring Confluence to download mail from that account and archive it within the space. Since Confluence removes emails from an email account as it is added to the Mail Archive, Confluence must be setup to poll a clone email account rather than the actual account. For example, to archive the actual account to your Confluence Sales space, you must first create a clone account such as that contains the same email content.

Stage 1 - Creating A Clone Email Account

  1. Add a new email account on the mail server with the clone email address.
  2. Copy all existing emails from the actual account to the clone account.
  3. Set up the actual account to bcc sent emails to the clone account.
  4. Set up the actual account to forward received emails to the clone account.

Stage 2 - Archive Clone Account To Mail Archive

  1. If you are not a space administrator for the target space, contact your Confluence administrator to request Space Admin permission. You need to be a space administrator before you can add a mail account to the space.

  2. Go to the 'Browse Space' view.

    Go to the 'Browse Space' view. There are two ways to browse a space:

    • Go to a page in the space and select the option you want from the 'Browse' menu. The corresponding tab of the 'Browse Space' view will open.
    • Or click the icon next to the space name on the Dashboard. The 'Pages' tab of the 'Browse Space' view will open.

    Now click on 'Mail Accounts' under the heading 'Mail' in the left panel. This will bring up a new screen listing the existing mail accounts and displaying a link to add a new pop-account.

  3. Click 'Add mail account' located at the top of the page. This will bring up a form into which you need to enter your account configuration details.

  4. Enter the details, (Protocol may be POP/S or IMAP/S)  (See below) and click 'Create'. ¿

    Configured accounts will have their mail downloaded and removed from the server, so make sure you are downloading from a clone account.

    Screenshot Of Adding A POP Account

    • Account Name: Enter a name for this account by which it will be known in Confluence.
    • Description: Provide a description for this account (Optional).
    • Protocol: Choose from POP, IMAP, POPS or IMAPS
    • Hostname: Enter the account mail server host name.
    • Port: The mail server's port number will be displayed by default. Do not edit this field.
    • Username: Enter a username for this account.
    • Password: The account's password.
    Note: The ability to import mail applies only to global spaces, so the 'Import' section in the above screenshot does not appear in the 'Space Admin' tab for personal spaces. Please see Working with Spaces for information about the differences between global spaces and personal spaces.

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