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The Contributors macro displays a list of Confluence users who have made a contribution of some type to a page. It can also be used to list watchers of this page.

The scope of this macro can be extended to include the immediate children or descendants of the specified page. The list of contributors can be based on people who have:

  • authored or edited the page(s)
  • contributed comments or added labels to the page(s), or
  • are simply watching the page(s)

Screenshot: Example list of Contributors

In this example, the Display Format/mode parameter has been set to list. For more information about this macro's parameters, refer to the Parameters section below.

On this page:

Usage with the Macro Browser

To insert the contributors macro into a page using the Macro Browser,

  1. Open the Confluence page or blog post that you want to edit, then click the 'Edit' button.
  2. Click the Macro Browser icon on the toolbar. The macro browser window will open.
  3. Scroll through the list of macros to find the one you want. Alternatively, start typing the macro name into the search box at the top right of the macro browser. Macros with a matching name will appear in the main pane.
  4. Click the desired macro.
  5. Set the macro parameters to your requirements. If desired, you can preview these changes by clicking 'Refresh'.
  6. Click 'Insert' to add the macro onto the page.

(tick) You can also insert macros via autocomplete. For more information, see Using Autocomplete in the Rich Text Editor.

Once you've found the contributors macro, click 'insert' to add it to your page.

Usage with the Wiki Markup Editor


Where TYPE refers to the type of contribution made to the current page (and optionally its descendants), or watches of these pages.


Parameters are options that you can include in Confluence macros to control the content or format of the macro output. The table below lists relevant parameters for this macro.

Parameter names are different in the macro browser and in wiki markup. Below we show the macro browser parameter names in bold text, and the equivalent wiki markup parameters in (bracketed) text. If we do not show any parameter name for the wiki markup, then you should leave out the parameter name and simply include the parameter value as the first parameter, immediately after the colon (:).


Required in Wiki Markup?



Contribution Type



The type of contribution made to a page (and optionally its descendant pages), or watches of these pages. This parameter defines which people appear in the contributors list and the statistics used to order them in the list. The allowable contribution types include:

  • authors - people who authored or have edited the page(s)
  • comments - people who have added comments to the page(s)
  • labels - people who have added labels to the page(s)
  • watches - people who are watching the page(s).

    One or more contribution types can be used.

Sort By



The criteria used to sort the contributors in the list, based on the chosen Contribution Type. The allowable sort criteria include:

  • count - sorts people based on the total number of edits, or comments or labels added to the page(s)
  • name - sorts people in alphabetical order
  • update - sorts people based on when they last edited, or added a comment or label to the page(s).

Reverse Sort



Reverses the order of contributors in the list, sorted by the chosen Sort By criterion. Used only in conjunction with the Sort By parameter.

Maximum Number of Contributors


no limit

Restricts the number of contributors in the list to the value specified. If no number is specified, no restriction is applied.

Display Format



Displays the contributors as a comma-separated line of names (inline) or as a bullet-point list (list).

Show Anonymous Contributions?



Includes people who have made anonymous contributions to a page, in the list of contributors.

Show Count?



Indicate the number of times each person in the list made a contribution, based on the chosen Contribution Type.

Show Last Contribution Time?



Indicates the last time each person in the list made a contribution, based on the chosen Contribution Type.

Page Name



The page from which to base the contributors list and its statistics. If no Page Name and Space(s) are specified, the current page is assumed.




Restricts list of contributors to those who created these labels from the specified page(s). Separate each label with a comma.




Specify the space key of the Confluence space which contains the specified Page Name or alternatively, specify a scope of spaces to search. Space keys are case-sensitive.

This parameter also takes special values, including:

  • @global — All global spaces.
  • @personal — All personal spaces.
  • @all — All spaces in your Confluence site.

    You can specify one or more space keys or special values, each of which must be separated by a comma.

    If no Page Name and Label(s) are specified, all pages from the specified set of spaces are included.

Content Type


both pages
and blog posts

Used to restrict page types to either pages (pages) or blog posts (blogposts). If no value is specified in the Macro Browser, both pages and blog posts are included.

Blog Post Date



Specify the publish date for a blog post. The date format required is: YYYY/MM/DD.

Include Page Hierarchy


page only

Includes either the immediate children or all descendants of the specified page. If no value is indicated in the Macro Browser, only the specified page is included.

Show Selected Pages



Shows a list of pages returned immediately above the list of contributors.

Custom "None Found" Message


default "none found" message

When no contributors are found, override the default message displayed by the macro, with this one.


Contributors Summary Macro
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