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Confluence allows you to create a page based on a global template (available to all spaces) or a space template (available only to that space). This page is intended for users who have already created a template.

Labels are copied from template

If the template contains labels, the template labels will automatically be included in the new page created from that template.

To create a page from an existing template

  1. Click the 'Add Page' link located beside each space on the dashboard or at the top of every page in Confluence.

  2. Click the link 'Select a page template' located above the text-entry box.
    This is only displayed if there are any templates defined. If you do not see this link, then there are currently no templates defined and an administrator will have to create one before you can use it.

    Clicking this link will display a list of the templates that are available in the current space.

  3. Select a template and click 'Next'. This will display one of the following:
    • A new page based on the template, if the template does not contain a form.
    • The 'Template Variables' page where you can supply values for the variables, if the template contains a form.
  4. If the template uses a form, enter the appropriate values into the form fields and click the 'Insert Variables' button. This will display a new page based on the template and including the variable values you have entered.
  5. Replace the words 'New Page' with the name of the page.
  6. Add more content or make further changes as required.
  7. Click the 'Save' button.

Screenshot : Choose a template

Screenshot : Fill out the form

Screenshot : Resulting page


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