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You can customise the Confluence dashboard to provide access to the content on the site that is most relevant to you. The options described on this page will change your own personal dashboard, but will not affect the dashboard that other people see.

If you are a Confluence Administrator, you can change the global dashboard, as seen by all Confluence users. See the administrator's guide to customising the dashboard.

On this page:

Displaying your Favourite Spaces

Mark some spaces as favourite. See Adding Favourites. Once you have marked your favourite spaces, you can click the 'Favourite' tab in the 'Spaces' section of the dashboard to view a list of your favourite spaces only. You can also click the 'Favourite Spaces' tab on the right of the dashboard to view recently updated content from your favourite spaces only.

Categorising your Spaces

To help keep Confluence spaces organised, you can label spaces with different space categories. See Using Labels to Categorise Spaces. Space categories are used to group related spaces.

For example, you might want to group spaces on your Confluence site by applying the following space categories to the relevant spaces:

  • 'design' (for spaces relevant to a design team), and
  • 'development' (for spaces relevant to a development team).

If a subset of these spaces is relevant to both teams, apply both the 'design' and 'development' categories to each of these spaces to make the spaces appear in both groups.

Once you have added space categories, you can:

  • Click the 'Category' tab in the 'Spaces' section of the dashboard and select a category from the drop-down menu to list only spaces belonging to that category.
  • Click the 'Space Categories' tab on the right of the dashboard to display only recently updated content from your chosen category.

Displaying your Favourite Pages

Mark your favourite pages. See Adding Favourites. Whichever view you are in, the dashboard will display a list of your five most recently added favourite pages, so you can access those pages easily.

Screenshot : The Dashboard


  • The 'All' and 'New' tabs show global spaces only. The 'Favourite' and 'Category' tabs also show relevant personal spaces.
  • The dashboard remembers which view you last selected: 'All', 'Favourite', 'Category' or 'New'. If you clicked the 'Favourite' tab and navigated away from the dashboard or logged out, when next to you revisit the dashboard (and log back in), the 'Favourite' tab will still be selected.

Working with Labels
Working with Favourites
Configuring the Site Home Page
Customising the Dashboard

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