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  • Deleting a Space
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Deleting a space permanently removes the space and all of its contents.


Use caution while deleting a space, and always create an XML Space Backup before proceeding. Once deleted, there is no way to restore a space unless you have made an XML Space Backup.

You need to be a space administrator to delete a space.

To delete a space:

  1. Go to the 'Space Admin' tab of the Browse Space view. To do this:

    • Go to a page in the space, open the 'Browse' menu and select 'Space Admin'.
      (info) 'Space Admin' is displayed only if you are a space administrator for that space or you are a Confluence system administrator.
  2. Click on the 'Remove Space' link in the left panel under the heading 'Space Operations'.
  3. Click 'OK' when the confirmation screen is brought up.

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