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Welcome! This is a guide to using Confluence as a knowledge base. You will find this guide useful if you want to produce a knowledge base with a survey, content curation, intelligent search and standardized templates.

In these pages, we'll show you how to use Confluence to achieve a high-functioning knowledge base, including these features:

  • Using Templates
  • Subscriptions (RSS or Email)
  • Exporting articles (PDF or Word)
  • Organizing content (hierarchically or by label)
  • Involving Customers (using comments)
  • Populating data
  • Scripts to update content programatically
  • A "Was This Helpful?" survey
  • Intelligent searching algorithms (higher ranked articles are promoted in search results)
  • Targeted searching across specified Confluence spaces and content types
  • How to show related content
  • Extensive metrics and reporting
  • Maintenance

Wikis Help Guide
Confluence Administrator's Guide

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