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  • Displaying List of Attachments in a Page
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Use Confluence's Attachments Macro to display a list of attachments that belong to the current page. It will generate a table like the image shown below.

Screenshot: List of attachments from 'Attachments' macro

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Usage with the Macro Browser

To insert the attachments macro into a page using the Macro Browser,

  1. Open the Confluence page or blog post that you want to edit, then click the 'Edit' button.
  2. Click the Macro Browser icon on the toolbar. The macro browser window will open.
  3. Scroll through the list of macros to find the one you want. Alternatively, start typing the macro name into the search box at the top right of the macro browser. Macros with a matching name will appear in the main pane.
  4. Click the desired macro.
  5. Set the macro parameters to your requirements. If desired, you can preview these changes by clicking 'Refresh'.
  6. Click 'Insert' to add the macro onto the page.

(tick) You can also insert macros via autocomplete. For more information, see Using Autocomplete in the Rich Text Editor.

Once you've found the attachments macro, click 'insert' to add it to your page.

Usage with the Wiki Markup Editor

What you need to type

What you will get

Unknown macro: {nomarkup}
  File Modified
JPEG File waterfall.jpg Aug 09, 2005 by vidya
JPEG File office1.jpg Aug 09, 2005 by vidya
PNG File editProfile.png Oct 08, 2007 by smaddox
  File Modified
JPEG File waterfall.jpg Aug 09, 2005 by vidya
JPEG File office1.jpg Aug 09, 2005 by vidya
PNG File editProfile.png Oct 08, 2007 by smaddox


Parameters are options that you can include in Confluence macros to control the content or format of the macro output. The table below lists relevant parameters for this macro.

Parameter names are different in the macro browser and in wiki markup. Below we show the macro browser parameter names in bold text, and the equivalent wiki markup parameters in (bracketed) text. If we do not show any parameter name for the wiki markup, then you should leave out the parameter name and simply include the parameter value as the first parameter, immediately after the colon (:).




Filename Patterns


Specify which attachments to display using filename patterns.

Include Old Attachment Versions


Include old attachments versions in the list.

Sort By


Specify the sort order for attachments. Valid values are "date", "size" and "name".

Allow Upload


Adds functionality to allow the upload of new attachments.


1. Filter Attachments by File Name


Use a comma-separated list of regular expressions to specify the filenames of the attachments you want displayed.


The patterns are regular expressions, so to match a file suffix of 'jpg', use .*jpg, not *.jpg.

Here's a detailed tutorial on regular expressions.

2. Include Old Attachments


An optional true/false value determines whether to show old versions of attachments. This is set to false by default.

Viewing and Editing Files from the Attachments Macro

Unknown macro: {hide}

This inclusion is best inserted under the heading 'Viewing and Editing Attached Documents'.

If an attachment is an Office or PDF file, you will see a 'View' link as shown in the screen snippet below. Furthermore, if the attachment is an Office file, it will also have an 'Edit in Office' link.

Screenshot: Office and PDF file page attachments with 'View' and 'Edit in Office' links

Click the 'View' link to view the content of the Office file within Confluence.

Click the 'Edit in Office' link to edit the content of the Office file in your Office application. You must have a compatible Office application installed to do this. Refer to [Working with the Office Connector] for more information.

Attachment Information Icon

The page Working with Attachments Overview could not be found.


  • You can only display the attachments on the current page. It is not possible to display attachments from another page. If you are interested in this feature request, please watch or vote for CONF-6351.

[Working with Attachments]
[Working with Macros]

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