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  • Dragging a Bookmark Link to your Browser
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When using bookmarks in Confluence, you will find it useful to put a bookmark icon on your browser toolbar. Read an overview of adding the icon to your toolbar.

This page tells you how to drag the bookmark link from Confluence to the browser toolbar, using Firefox as an example browser.

To drag the link onto your browser toolbar,

  1. First make sure that your browser's 'Bookmarks Toolbar' is shown.
    In Firefox, click 'View' in the browser menu bar, then select 'Toolbars' and put a check mark next to 'Bookmarks Toolbar'.
  2. Go to 'Browse Space' for any Confluence space and click the 'Bookmarks' tab.
  3. The 'Space Bookmarks' screen will appear. Click the 'Bookmark in Confluence' link on the right of the screen, and drag it onto the browser's 'Bookmarks Toolbar'.
  4. The bookmark icon looks something like this:

(info) You can change the bookmark name from 'Bookmark in Confluence' to something else, if you want to. Just use your browser's own functions for editing/organising bookmarks and bookmark properties.

Screenshot : Dragging the bookmark link to Firefox

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