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You need to be a space administrator to edit the details of a space.

To edit the details of a space:

  1. Click the 'Browse' drop-down menu for the space. This is located at the top of every page and beside the space link on the Dashboard. Then, select the Space Admin menu option.
  2. In the Edit Space Details screen which appears you can:
    • Enter a different name for the space.
    • Enter or modify the space description.
    • Select a new home page for the space from the drop-down menu. This is the default page to which users are directed when they click the link to the space from the Dashboard.
      (info) If you set this field to blank (no selection) then the default home page will be the 'Pages' tab of the 'Browse Space' page.
  3. Click 'Save'.
  • You cannot edit the key or the creator's name.
  • The Edit Space Details fields do not accept wiki markup. Any wiki markup entered in these fields will be displayed as plain text.
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