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Below are some ideas on how your wiki page can include information from a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.

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Option 1 — Office Connector for Confluence

The Office Connector provides the most straightforward way to display PowerPoint slides.

To attach and display a PowerPoint presentation in Confluence,

  1. Attach the presentation to a Confluence page:
    • View the Confluence page where you want to display your presentation.
    • Open the 'Tools' menu and select 'Attachments'.
    • Browse for your PowerPoint presentation and upload it to the Confluence page.
      You will find detailed instructions in Attaching Files to a Page.
  2. Now you can display the document embedded into the Confluence page, via View File macro. The basic syntax is:
    Refer to the detailed instructions on the View File macro.

The Office Connector is shipped with Confluence 2.10 and later. The Office Connector plugin is supported for Confluence versions 2.8.0 and later.

Option 2 — Gallery or Slide Show of JPEG or PNG Images

  1. Convert your PowerPoint pages into JPEG or PNG images, using 'save as' from PowerPoint (slide1.jpg, slide2.jpg...).
  2. Upload the image files as attachments to your Confluence page. To upload in bulk, use the WebDAV plugin.
  3. Use the Gallery macro or the Slideshow plugin to render the images as a slide show in Confluence.

(tick) Optionally, you could create a page template or a user macro that uses the Slideshow plugin, so that you do not have to code this into the wiki page each time you create a new show.

The Slideshow plugin is not supported by Atlassian. Please weigh up your options carefully before deciding which way to go.

Option 3 — Convert PowerPoint to HTML

You can convert the PowerPoint file to web page format and embed the page inside your Confluence document.

If you accept page edits or comments from untrustworthy users, you should not attempt this process, due to a risk of malicious user attacks via the html-include macro.

  1. Review the risks associated with enabling the html-include macro here.

  2. If you decide to proceed, follow the instructions to enable embedded HTML pages using the macro.

  3. Select an PowerPoint converter. There are at least two applications that can convert PPT to HTML:
  4. Download and install your chosen converter.

  5. Follow the converter documentation to perform the HTML conversion. An Internet Assistant conversion guide can be found here. The conversion process will create a small collection of HTML pages. Each slide will have its own page, plus an index page with buttons to let you switch between slide pages.

  6. If you wish, you can test the HTML presentation now by loading the index page in your browser.

  7. Place the HTML files into their own directory, named uniquely by the title of your presentation.

  8. Find a suitable location to host these files within your web server. Confluence hosts all files within the <my-install-directory>/confluence/ directory, so a good example location for Confluence standalone users is to go to <my-install-directory>/confluence/pages/ and create a subdirectory called powerpoint.

  9. Move the HTML directory into the PowerPoint folder, e.g. <my-install-directory>/confluence/pages/powerpoint/<my-presentation-name> containing index.html, slide01.html... or similar.

  10. Edit or create the page where you wish to embed the PowerPoint presentation. In wiki markup, insert the html-include macro pointing to the index page of your slides. Remember that URLs are case sensitive. For example
  11. Save the page. The index page to your slides should now appear.

Working with the Office Connector
Working with Attachments

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