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The HTML Include macro allows you to include the contents of an external HTML file into a Confluence page.

CAUTION: Including unknown HTML inside a webpage is dangerous.

HTML can contain active scripting components. This means that it would be possible for a malicious attacker to present a user of your site with script that their web browser would believe came from you. Such code could be used, for example, to steal a user's authentication cookie and give the attacker their Confluence login password.


To embed an external page, type the following Wiki Markup code:



  • The HTML Include macro will only be available if it has been enabled by your Confluence administrator. Also, your Confluence Administrator can define a whitelist of trusted URLs. You will see an error message on the Confluence page, if the included URL is not in the whitelist.
  • You can only use the HTML include macro for pages with absolute links. If you use the macro to include an HTML page that has relative links, navigating those links in the wiki results in a 'Page Not Found' error. See CONF-6567.

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