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  • Inserting Emoticons in the Rich Text Editor
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This page tells you how to add an emoticon, or smiley, to your Confluence page.

To insert an emoticon,

  1. Click the 'Insert' menu on the toolbar and choose the Emoticon' item from the drop-down menu. This will pop up the emoticons window.
  2. Select the emoticon to insert it.

You can also insert emoticons by typing commonly-used character combinations. For example, the following code appears as an emoticon when the page is rendered.


This example creates this emoticon: (wink).

Preventing Emoticons from Appearing

To prevent Confluence from turning parts of text into emoticons, 'escape' the character sequence by inserting a '\' character.

For example, this character sequence contains an emoticon:


This example creates this in a rendered page: (-example_here(wink).

To 'escape' the emoticon sequence, insert a slash as in the following example:


The characters will then appear exactly as typed.

Screenshot : Emoticons


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