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Once you have attached a file to a page, you can easily provide a link to it from the page.

This page tells you how to use Wiki Markup to link to an attachment. You can also use the Rich Text editor to link to an attachment.

(info) Images are a special form of attachment. Read about displaying images on a page.

Linking to an Attachment on a Page

You can link to images and other types of attachments like this:

What you need to type

What you will get

[^Linking to attachments.pdf]

Linking to attachments.pdf

[PDF document about linking to attachments|^Linking to attachments.pdf]

PDF document about linking to attachments


'Linking to attachments.pdf' is the name of the file you want to link to.

Linking to an Attachment on Another Page

You can link to any attachment on your Confluence site using the following syntax:

Attached to another page in the same space:


Attached to another page in another space:


Adding Link Aliases and Tips

Optionally, you can:

  • use an alias to refer to the attachment.
  • provide a link tip for the link.

Example 1:

[link alias|pagetitle^attachment.ext|link tip]

Example 2:

[link alias|spacekey:pagetitle^attachment.ext|link tip]

Linking to a Specific Version of an Attachment

The link format described above will always link to the current version of the attachment.

If you want to link to a particular version of an attachment you will need to use the full URL. For example:

What you need to type

What you will get

[Version 1|]

Version 1


  • CamelCase affecting links to attachments. If you have CamelCase enabled, you may see an error when using mixed case (capital and lower case letters compounded together without spaces LikeThis) in your attachment file name.
    The error looks like this:
    Unable to render embedded object: File (NameOfAttachment.gif) not found.
    To fix this problem, you can change your attachment file name or disable CamelCase.

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