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This page tells you how to link to a blog post. You can also read about including blog posts on your page.

You need to edit in 'Wiki Markup' mode to create a link to a blog post.

On this page:

Linking to a Blog Post

To link to a blog post,

You need to know the title of the blog post as well as the date on which it was created.

  1. Convert the date into the format: year/month/day.
  2. You can now create a link to the blog post, like this:

    What you need to type

    What you will get

    Unknown macro: {nomarkup}

    [/2007/06/25/Sample Blog Post]

    [/2007/06/25/Sample Blog Post]

    '/2007/06/25' is the date the blog post was published.
    'Sample Blog Post' is the title of the blog post.

Examples of Use

You have three options:

1. Directly providing the URL (absolute path)

2. Including the alias as well
[my blog|]

my blog

3. Using the relative path (on the same server)

Note: You must provide the entire path to the blog post.

[my blog|DOC:2007/06/25/Sample Blog Post]

my blog

You can also link to a whole day's blog posts, just by leaving out the blog post's title at the end of the link.
[my blog|DOC:2007/06/25]

my blog

You must create the blog post first

Linking to a blog post that has not been created yet will not result in a link. Blog posts are very tightly bound to the time at which they were created, so it makes no sense to link to them before they exist.

Linking to a List of Blog Posts

To link to a list of blog posts within a given space,

(info) You need to know the key of the space.

What you need to type

What you will get

[blog posts|http://myConfluenceURL/pages/viewrecentblogposts.action?key=ABC]

blog posts

'myConfluenceURL' is the URL address of your Confluence system, e.g. ''.
'ABC' is the key of the relevant space.

Try the Blog Posts macro for an in-page display of blog posts

If you'd rather show a dynamic list of blog posts on your page, instead of a link to the blog posts, try the Blog Posts macro.


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