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  • Linking to Confluence Pages from Outside Confluence
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Sometimes you may want to link to a Confluence page from outside Confluence, such as from within another website or from within an email. In this case, you may want to link to a 'permanent' URL (also called a 'permalink'), in case the name of the Confluence page changes.

(info) If you are linking to a page from within another Confluence page, it is better to use an internal wiki link rather than a permalink. Confluence can keep track of internal links and let you know if the link is broken, such as when someone removes the linked page. See Linking to Pages Within the Same Space or Linking to Pages in Another Space. Internal wiki links will be automatically updated if the page is renamed.

To link to a page's permanent URL,

  1. Open the 'Tools' menu and select 'Link to this Page'.
  2. Copy the 'Tiny Link' and paste it into your email or external web page. This will create a link to the latest version of your Confluence page.

Link to a Page within a Space
Link to a Web Page
Working with Links

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