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Deleted email messages are stored under 'Trash' and can be restored by a space administrator from the Space Administration screens.

(info) You can only restore an email from trash if it was deleted individually and not using the 'Remove All' operation.

To restore mail,

  1. Go to the 'Space Admin' tab in the 'Browse Space' view.

    Go to the 'Browse Space' view. There are two ways to browse a space:

    • Go to a page in the space and select the option you want from the 'Browse' menu. The corresponding tab of the 'Browse Space' view will open.
    • Or click the icon next to the space name on the Dashboard. The 'Pages' tab of the 'Browse Space' view will open.

  2. Click on 'Trash' in the left panel. A list of pages and emails deleted from the space is displayed.
  3. Click on 'Restore' beside the email you want to restore.

To view this email, you will have to go to the 'Mail' tab in the 'Browse Space' view.


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