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Your personal space is a place where you can publish your own pages and blog posts. Once you have set up your personal space, Confluence users can reach it by clicking your name in the People Directory.

On this page:

Creating your personal space

To set up your personal space, you require the 'Personal Space' permission which is assigned by a Confluence administrator from the Administration Console. Refer to the Permissions Overview and Global Permissions Overview topics or contact a Confluence administrator for more information.

To create your personal space:

  1. Go to your name at the top of the page. (This is the 'User' menu. A dropdown list will appear when your cursor hovers over the 'User' menu.)

  2. Select 'Create Personal Space' from the dropdown list. The 'Create Personal Space' view will open.

  3. Enter a few details about your space:
    • Choose who can view content.
    • Choose who can contribute (create and edit) content.
    • Choose the Theme (look and feel) for your personal space.

  4. Click 'Create'.

  5. The 'Home' page for your new space is displayed.
    Note: Your home page will automatically contain any default space content as defined by your Confluence administrator.

Adding and changing content in your space

Now you can start adding pages to your personal space. You may also want to upload your photo.

Granting access to your space

When you created the space (see above), you made some preliminary decisions about who can view and contribute content to your space. You can change the permissions on your space at any time.


  • Once you have set up your personal space, you can return to it any time by clicking your name (next to the word 'Welcome' at the top of the page).
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