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A space administrator is a user with the 'Space Admin' permission for a space. This permission itself is assigned from the Space Administration screens by a space administrator.

Who is a space administrator?

The person who creates a space is automatically the administrator of that space. That person can then assign other space administrators as required.

(info) Confluence administrators are not necessarily space administrators.

  • A user who has the 'Administer Confluence' permission is not automatically a space administrator for a particular space. In order for them to be a space administrator, they must belong to a group which has space administration rights on the space, or their username must be specifically granted space administration rights on the space.
  • Users who are members of the 'confluence-administrators' group do automatically have space administration permissions for all spaces.

Refer to the Administrator's Guide for more details about Confluence administrator permissions.

What can a space administrator do?

A space administrator has permission to do anything in the space regardless of any other setting. Space administrators are responsible for the management of a space and its contents. Note that page permissions affect space administrators differently from other users.

Space administrators can:

  • view all content in the space. If there are page permissions that restrict the viewing of a page to a single user, or to a group to which the space administrator doesn't belong, a space administrator can still view the page by removing the restriction.

  • edit all content on any page in the space.

  • remove restrictions from any page in the space (using the Space Administration interface).

  • manage the watchers for any page in the space (but not watchers of the space).

  • grant themselves any other space permissions (e.g. permission to set restrictions on a particular page).

All space administration functions, with the exception of managing watchers, are performed from the 'Space Admin' tab under the 'Browse Space' view of a space. You need to be a space administrator to access the Space Administration screens.


Space Permissions Overview

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