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Every space has its own independent set of permissions.

Space permissions can only be granted by a space administrator. A space administrator has permission to do anything in the space regardless of any other setting.

Permissions can be assigned to any group, to any individual user in the Confluence-User group, and to users in the Anonymous group.

These are the different permissions that can be assigned at the space level:

  • View: user can view this space's content, including the space's details, and its pages and news items (blog posts)

  • Pages:
    • Create – user may create and edit pages in this space.
    • Export – user may export pages in this space.
    • Restrict – user may apply page-level restrictions.
    • Remove – user may remove pages in this space.

  • Blog:
    • Create – user may add and edit blog posts in this space.
    • Remove – user may remove blog posts in this space.

  • Comments:
    • Create – user may make comments in this space.
    • Remove – user may remove comments from this space.

  • Attachments:
    • Create – user may add attachments in this space.
    • Remove – user may remove attachments from this space.

  • Mail:
    • Remove – user may delete individual mail items.

  • Space:
    • Export – user may export content from this space.
    • Admin – user has administrative permissions over this space.


If you deny all administrative access to a space by mistake, so that nobody has access to administer the space any more, you will need to ask someone in the confluence-administrators group to fix the permissions for you.


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