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The Spaces List Macro is used to display a list of spaces from within a page, similar to the list of spaces seen on the dashboard.

On this page:

Usage with the Macro Browser

To insert the spaces list macro into a page using the Macro Browser:

  1. Open the Confluence page or blog post that you want to edit, then click the 'Edit' button.
  2. Click the Macro Browser icon on the toolbar. The macro browser window will open.
  3. Scroll through the list of macros to find the one you want. Alternatively, start typing the macro name into the search box at the top right of the macro browser. Macros with a matching name will appear in the main pane.
  4. Click the desired macro.
  5. Set the macro parameters to your requirements. If desired, you can preview these changes by clicking 'Refresh'.
  6. Click 'Insert' to add the macro onto the page.

(tick) You can also insert macros via autocomplete. For more information, see Using Autocomplete in the Rich Text Editor.

Usage with the Wiki Markup Editor

What you need to type

What you will get


Space: Administrative Data Governance
Space: Agile Robotics and Perception Lab
Lab space for members to contribute.
Space: ATS Aides Training Space
Space: CAS Journalism Wiki
Space: CDSC Lab
Space: comments and like remove test
Space: Comparative Political Economy of Affirmative Action
Space: Conservation Technology and Structure
Space: Course : Architecture of Learning Environments E192017
Space: Decision Support Group
Reporting and Analytics Support Group for internal reporting at NYU
Space: Decolonising Interactive Media
Space: Department of Drama
Space: Digital Art History
Space: Gallatin Faculty Symposium Florence 2015
Space: Gallatin Graduate Arts Club
Space: Game Theory for Multi-Agent Systems
Space: Gendesign
Space: GMS NYU
Space: Google Training Videos
Space: Identity Services at NYU
Space: International Education Student Board
Space: ITPedia
Space: Microbiology Group meeting
Space: NYU Abu Dhabi
Space: NYU Academic Records
Space: NYU Box Office Team Space
Space: NYU Classes
Space: NYU CLSS Support
Space: NYU CourseLeaf Catalog (CAT) Support
Space will be used for support
Space: NYU Game Center - Game Design
Space: NYU Registration & Scheduling
Space: NYU School of Law CLE
This wiki will provide the NYU School of Law community information regarding the procedures, rules and regulations for C…
Space: NYU Steinhardt MCC
Space: NYU Tisch Faculty Space
Space: NYU Wikis Help Center
Documentation and Support Center for NYU & ITS Wikis.
Space: Object Worlds in Ancient Greece
Space: Orphan Film Symposium
Space: Parrots and Nightingales Appendices
Space: Phelps Lab Wiki
Space: Project Management Templates
Space: Provost - Fiscal Affairs
Space: Research Computing (Abu Dhabi)
Space: Social Justice Initiative for Graduate Schools of Public Service
Space: Social Media In Learning Environments
Space: Theorizing Sound Writing TEST
Space: Tisch Faculty Council
Space: Virtual Computer Lab
An extension of the Academic Technology Centers (aka computer labs), the Virtual Computer Lab (VCL) provides students wi…
Space: Visual Culture Methods
Space: Vogel_Lab
Space: Voice Research
Space: Wiki Help Guide
Space: WinawerLab Wiki


Parameters are options that you can include in Confluence macros to control the content or format of the macro output. The table below lists relevant parameters for this macro.

Parameter names are different in the macro browser and in wiki markup. Below we show the macro browser parameter names in bold text, and the equivalent wiki markup parameters in (bracketed) text. If we do not show any parameter name for the wiki markup, then you should leave out the parameter name and simply include the parameter value as the first parameter, immediately after the colon (:).





Scope of spaces



Specify the view from which spaces are listed. Available options are:

  • all – All spaces in the Confluence installation.
  • category – Spaces grouped according to space categories.
  • team – Same as 'category' above. Space categories were formerly known as team labels, and this option remains in the macro to ensure backwards compatibility with earlier versions of the macro.
  • favourite – Spaces which you have added to your favourites list.
  • my – Same as 'favourite' above. This option remains in the macro to ensure backwards compatibility with earlier versions of the macro.
  • new – New spaces which have been created within the last 7 days.

Width of List



Specify the width of the table. The width of the spaces list table, specified as a percentage (%).


Display the spaces in a table with a width of 40% of the window size:


Display the spaces grouped by space category:


Browsing a space
Creating a New Page
Working with Macros

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