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  • Subscribing to RSS Feeds within Confluence
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RSS feeds allow you to track updates to content within Confluence. You will need an RSS newsreader to subscribe to them.

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Confluence RSS Feeds

You can create a customised RSS feed using the RSS Feed Builder ((tick) recommended) or subscribe to one of the pre-specified feeds generated by Confluence.

What would you like to do?

To have your newsreader log into Confluence, you can add your username and password to the feed URL. But please note that if you do this, someone with access to your RSS newsreader configuration can read your password.

RSS Newsreaders

The following are some popular RSS newsreader programs for various operating systems. You can find a more comprehensive list on Google's open directory.


Mac OS X


Removing an RSS Feed

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There is no need to try to delete or remove an RSS feed built by the Confluence RSS feed builder.

Explanation: The feeds generated by the RSS Feed Builder are dynamically generated via the parameters included in the feed URL (address). For example, take a look at the following feed URL:

The above feed URL will generate a list of pages ('types=page'), sorted by the modification date and showing the page content. The feed is generated at the time when the URL is fetched and there is no RSS feed information stored on the database. For that reason, there is no need to remove anything.


Tracking Updates to Confluence Pages and Spaces
Working with RSS Feeds
RSS Feed Macro
Adding a username and password to Confluence RSS feeds

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