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Using labels, you can categorise pages and refer to content across multiple categories, pages and even spaces.


For the purpose of this example, imagine we have a space with pages of content on various type of vehicles. Pages are shown in bold text, while the labels are in blue.

  • Cars vehicle-type
    • Toyota Prius vehicle car
    • Honda Civic vehicle car
    • Porshe Carrera vehicle car
  • Motorbikes vehicle-type
    • Harley Davidson Sportster vehicle motorbike
    • Suzuki GSX-R vehicle motorbike

This page hierarchy can then be categorised using labels, with pages referenced using the Content by Label Macro.

If you want to list...

You would use this wiki markup:

These would be the pages that you would get:

Vehicle types


Cars, Motorbikes

All vehicles


Toyota Prius, Honda Civic, Porshe Carrera, Harley Davidson Sportster, Suzuki GSX-R

All cars


Toyota Prius, Honda Civic, Porshe Carrera

Label Macros

Navmap Macro

The Navmap Macro renders the list of pages associated with a specified label as a navigation map.

Related Labels Macro

The Related Labels Macro lists labels commonly associated with the current page's labels.

Content by Label Macro

The Content by Label Macro displays a list of content marked with specified labels.

Labels List Macro

The Labels List Macro lists all labels of a space, grouped alphabetically.

Recently Used Labels Macro

The Recently Used Labels Macro lists labels most recently used in a specified scope (global, space, or personal).

Popular Labels Macro

The Popular Labels Macro displays popular labels in a list or in a heatmap (also called a cloud).


Working with Labels
Working with Macros

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