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Confluence displays the children of a page, if any exist, in one of two views configured globally by a site administrator:

Show : In this view, a list of the page's children is displayed as links at the bottom of the page. Clicking on a link will take you to the corresponding child page.

Hide: In this view, the list of the page's children is hidden when you view the page. A link at the bottom of the page tells you how many children the page has. Clicking on this link will display the list of its children.

Screenshot above: Show children

Screenshot above: Hide children

  • Confluence defaults to the 'Show' or 'Hide' children view based on your preference from your last visit to the site.
  • To hide the list of children, click on 'Hide Children'.
  • To view the location of the page in the space's hierarchy, click on 'View in hierachy'
  • To add a new child page, click on 'Add Child Page'
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