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Comments on articles will appear by default in threaded form, below the page content. If the comment author is a Confluence user, a link appears to their profile page. The time of the comment's last edit is also displayed – you can mouse-over the time to see the date and time it was posted.

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Actions for Viewing Comments on a Page

Confluence allows you to 'collapse', 'expand', 'show' and 'hide' comments on a page.

  • Collapse All
    • Comments are all shrunk to a single line, showing the first 60 characters. This allows easy browsing of many comments.
    • Clicking the top line of any comment will expand it, showing the links to 'Edit', 'Remove' or 'Reply'.
  • Expand All
    • Comments are returned from the collapsed state to the usual threaded view, showing the full content of all comments inline.
  • Hide Comments
    • The page's comments will be hidden when you view the page. The 'Comments' line at the bottom of the page indicates whether the page currently has any comments.
  • Show Comments
    • The page's comments will become visible below the page content.
    • Comment links at the bottom of each comment and the page allow you to post or manage comments.

Screenshot above: Hide View

  • Confluence defaults the view to 'Show' or 'Hide' comments based on what your preference was on your last visit to the site.
  • In Confluence 2.8.0, collapsible comments are only available under the default Confluence theme.

Setting the Appearance of Comments on Pages

Comments in Confluence are displayed in one of two views which is configured globally by a site administrator:

  • Threaded - this view shows the comments in a hierarchy of responses. Each subsequent reply to a comment is indented to indicate the relationships between the comments.
  • Flat - this view displays all the comments in one single list and does not indicate the relationships between comments.

    Screenshot above: Threaded View

    Screenshot above: Collapsed View
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