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The 'Tree' view on the 'Browse Space' page displays the hierarchy of the pages within the space. It is a useful way of viewing all the parent-child relationships between pages in the space at a single glance.

To see the tree view of pages within a space:

  1. Browse the space.

    Go to the 'Browse Space' view. There are two ways to browse a space:

    • Go to a page in the space and select the option you want from the 'Browse' menu. The corresponding tab of the 'Browse Space' view will open.
    • Or click the icon next to the space name on the Dashboard. The 'Pages' tab of the 'Browse Space' view will open.

  2. Go to the 'Pages' tab and open the 'Tree' view.
  3. Click the '+' sign next to each page family to open the branches of the tree. This shows you the children of the page.

    Screenshot above: Tree View
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