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A Confluence page can contain a 'gallery' of images, inserted onto the page via the Gallery macro. To find out how to add the Gallery macro onto your page, please refer to the instructions on using the Gallery macro. Below we tell you how to view the images in the gallery and how to see the slide show.

(info) Take a look at the related topics below for other ways of including slide shows on your wiki page.

To view the gallery images as a slide show,

  1. Go to the page which contains the gallery of images. See Screenshot 1 below.

  2. Click an image. The slide show will start by zooming in on the image you have clicked. See Screenshot 2 below.

  3. Use one of the following methods to move to the next or previous image:
    • Move your mouse cursor over the image until an arrow appears on left or right of the image. Screenshot 2 below shows the arrow on the right. Click the arrow to move to the next or previous image.
    • Or press the left- and right-arrow keys on your keyboard.
  4. Use one of the following methods to close the slide show:
    • Click the cross at top right of the image.
    • Or press the Escape key on your keyboard.
    • Or click somewhere on the browser window, outside the zoomed-in image.

Screenshot 1: A gallery of images on a wiki page

Screenshot 2: Viewing the gallery as a slide show


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