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Note that the space activity information is disabled by default. See notes below.

If enabled, the space activity screen displays statistics on the activity in each space. These include:

  • How many pages and blog posts have been viewed, added or updated over a given period.
  • Which content is the most popular (most frequently viewed).
  • Which content is the most active (most frequently edited).
  • Which people are the most active contributors/editors of content.

To view the activity in a space:

  1. Go to the 'Browse Space' view. There are two ways to browse a space:

    • Go to a page in the space and select the option you want from the 'Browse' menu. The corresponding tab of the 'Browse Space' view will open.
    • Or click the icon next to the space name on the Dashboard. The 'Pages' tab of the 'Browse Space' view will open.
  2. Go to the 'Activity' tab.

Confluence will show a graphic display of the number of pages and blog posts that have been viewed, added and edited, showing trends over a period of time. For example:

Screenshot 1: Number of viewed pages and blog posts in a week

The top ten most popular and most active pages and/or blog posts will be listed, with a link to each.

Screenshot 2: Popular content


  • The Confluence Usage Stats plugin, which provides the 'Space Activity' screen, is known to cause performance problems on large installations. This plugin is disabled by default. A status report on the progress of the performance issues with this plugin is available in this issue: USGTRK-15.
  • Your Confluence system administrator can enable the plugin, but please be aware of the possible impact upon your site's performance.
  • The plugin is sometimes called 'Confluence Usage Tracking'.
  • If your Confluence site is clustered, the space activity information will not be available.
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