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You need to be a space administrator to view the permissions assigned for a space.

To view the permissions assigned for a space,

  1. Click the 'Browse Space' link for that space.
  2. Click the 'Space Admin' tab. This tab is only displayed if you are a space administrator.
  3. Click the 'Permissions' link in the left-hand panel under the 'Security' heading. This will display all the permissions assigned to the different groups and users for this space.

Below is an example. The ticks in the boxes indicate which permissions have been granted. The crosses indicate which permissions have been denied.

Screenshot : Viewing space permissions

Notes about some error messages you may see

In Confluence 2.7.2 and later, Confluence will let you know if there is a problem with some permissions. In rare situations, you may see the following error messages below a permission:

  • 'User/Group not found' – This message may appear if your LDAP repository is unavailable, or if the user/group has been deleted after the permission was created.
  • 'Case incorrect. Correct case is: xxxxxx' – This message may appear if the upper/lower case in the permission does not match the case of the username or group name. If you see a number of occurrences of this message, you should consider running the routine supplied to fix the problem.


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