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Welcome to the New and Improved

Training and Support Contact Information
This guide features getting started information, highlight videos, and support information.
For additional questions, email: or call 212-998-3333. 
For additional Training and step-by-step tutorials, visit Atlassian University.
For Faculty Consultations, visit the NYU Digital Studio.

The NYU Wikis Service Team is extremely excited about the recent upgrade to Confluence 5.6.

 Click here to learn more about the new features...


New features include the following:

    • Global Create. One button to rule them all.

      Create content from anywhere in Confluence by clicking 'Create' from the global header. Choosing templates and page location has never been this easy.

    • Space Sidebar. Search less, find more.

      Create shortcuts to important pages and external links so they are just a click away. Navigate to child pages and recent blog posts with ease. 

    • Recently Viewed. Save your memory.

      Quickly accessible and insanely useful. Instantly find the page you were looking at yesterday. Type 'g' then 'r' to find it even quicker - you don't even need your mouse.

    • Introducing Blueprints

      Blank pages are a thing of the past. Choose 'Create' and select a blueprint.

      • Create meeting notes, shared file lists, requirements documentation and more.
      • View blueprint pages and summary information on special index pages.
      • Customize blueprint templates to make each blueprint do exactly what you need.



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