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You can 'watch' a Confluence page, a blog post or a space. To do this, you need 'View' permission on the page, blog post or space. Once you have added a watch, Confluence will then send you a notification by email whenever anyone updates the page, blog post or space. The updates include editing the page or blog post, adding a new page or blog post to the space, and adding a comment to the page, blog post or space.

  • There is no daily digest for these notifications. You will receive an email notification every time someone makes a change.
  • You can choose the pages, blog posts and/or spaces that you want to watch. You can stop watching them at any time.
  • By default, Confluence will assign you as a watcher of any page or blog post that you create or edit. This behaviour is called 'autowatch'. You can turn autowatch on or off.
  • When you add a comment to a page, Confluence will by default put a tick in the 'Watch this page' check box in the comment. You can remove the tick before posting your comment.


Watching a Page or Blog Post
Watching a Space
Subscribing to Email Notifications of Updates to Confluence Content

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