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Enhancements to Budget Summary Report DashboardDashboard Enhancements/Bug FixesQB # 8314/22/2016All Financial Users
  • Renamed to "Budgets and Balances" to accurately reflect all information available in the report
  • Added radio button to select fund type.  Users may now select multiple funds within a given type
  • Grants View was updated to include MTD and YTD actuals. Projected expenses was removed but there is a link to Grants Management Dashboard where this and many more details specific to grants may be obtained.
  • Added Fund Balance PDF
Enhancements to Grants Budget Detail ReportDashboard
EnhancementsQB # 8324/19/2016All Financial Users
  • Added "Accounting Period" to Grants Budget Detail in "Fiscal Year" and "Calendar Year" View
Class Meeting Pattern Subject AreaSubject AreaBug/FixQB #9004/19/2016All Student Data Users
  • Course information was updated to point to the course detail of the term in question not to the 'Most Recent' course data.
Enhancements to Departmental Metrics DashboardDashboardEnhancementsQB # 8594/19/2016All Dept Metrics Users
  • All Faculty Page:
  1. Added a drill to the  Full Time Faculty and Tenure Eligibility Status Graph
  2. Modified the language in parenthesis to the following, This chart may contain  duplicate headcounts, as one faculty member may be in both 'Other Full Time Faculty' and 'Full Time Continuing Contract Faculty' within same academic year. 
  • Department Course Instructors Page:
  1. Prompt is now defaulted to Fall and Spring.
  • Department Faculty Teaching Page -> Navigate to Faculty Headcount 
  1. 'Not Tenure Track' Job Family replaces with two new categorizations: 'Full Time Continuing Contract Faculty' and 'Other Full Time Faculty'.
Departmental Metrics Dashboard - Students PageDashboardBug/FixQB # 9284/29/2016All Dept Metrics Users
  • Student Page
  1. School prompt now points to the Plan Reporting School Group.


In the Registration Pipeline subject area: added a new folder with columns for pulling the current date and same date last year.Subject AreaEnhancementsQB # 8634/20/2016Bursar Office; Institutional Research
  • In the SIS - Registration Pipeline subject area, a new folder named "Current Day Last Year" has been added. 
  • The purpose of this folder is to be able to run reports pulling data for the current date and same date last year. 
  • This folder has been designed in order to replicate the Financial Clearance Report created by the Bursar Office (in Excel).


In the Registration Pipeline subject area: added values "Term Type" and "Academic Year" to the "Pipeline Dates" folder.Subject AreaEnhancementsQB # 8654/20/2016Bursar Office; Institutional Research
  • In the SIS - Registration Pipeline subject area: added values "Term Type" and "Academic Year" to the "Pipeline Dates" folder.
  • When building reports in Registration Pipeline, values from the 3 different "date" related folders should not be mixed.  The "Pipeline Dates" folder was missing the "Term Type" and "Academic Year" values.


UDM-Faculty Appointment Logic ChangeSubject AreaEnhancementQB #7414/28/2016All UDM Users
  • Full-Time Faculty in UDM is now sourced from HR position assignment job family and job profile instead academic appointment.
  • Full-Time UDM Faculty counts now match the HR Admin dashboard faculty counts within the academic year in UDM and the ‘as of’ report run date in HR.
  • Terminated Faculty is no longer listed in UDM due any Academic Appointment End date entered in Workday
  •  The UDM dashboard pages impacted by this change is the Tenure Track Faculty and  All Faculty pages.





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