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1729DashboardEnhancementAcademic Planner Dashboard09/09/2017SIS users
  1. Remove date stamp for UDW+ 'current as of'

  2. Acad level SoT and EoT: Decode to description; make acad level sort a custom sql for the acad level drop down

  3. Add Expected Grad Term (desc) to Prompt and Results

  4. Add Secondary Major in Prompt and Result (non primary major 2)

  5. Add Primary Major 2 in Prompts and results (non primary major 1)

  6. Add Minor in Prompts and results

  7. Add CPP/Subplan as prompt and in Result

  8. Add "Analyze" button to all analyses

  9. Add DSG Alert

  10. Add NNumber in the results.

1773DashboardEnhancementRetention Dashboard09/09/2017OIR, SIS users
  1. Modified drill on the Retention by plan page to drill on school code, rather than description. This is to address the fact that school names change.
  2. Added a new chart to the Retention by Plan page for enrolled and graduated students.
862Class Enrollment Subject AreaEnhancementClass Enrollment Subject Area09/09/2017SIS users

New attributes were added to Class Enrollment

  • Birth Date
  • Instructor Weight
  • Sponsor Org Reporting School Group 
  • Course Org Reporting School Group


1563Subject Area (Ad Hoc Reporting)EnhancementClass Enrollment / Term Registration 09/09/2017SIS users

New attributes were added to Class Enrollment and Term Registration

  • Positive Service Indicator
  • Service Impact and Service Impact Code
  • Service Indicator Start Term and Service Indicator Start Term Code
  • Service Indicator End Term and Service Indicator End Term Code
  • Service Indicator Reason Code
  • Placed Stop Person Name
  • Placed Method
  • Service Indicator Reference Type
  • Effective Date was relabeled to Service Indicator Start Date
1723Subject Area and DashboardEnhancementClass Enrollment / Term Registration 09/09/2017SIS usersThe data in Term Registration and Class Enrollment was rolled over starting from Term Fall 2012
1724Subject AreaEnhancementTerm Registration09/09/2017SIS users

New attributes were added to Term Registration

  • Cumulative Units Earned GPA/ Quality Hours
  • Cumulative Units Earned No GPA
  • Cumulative Units Attempted (GPA/No GPA)
1762Reg Pipeline: Spring 2017 Goals problemExternal File UploadRegistration Pipeline09/09/2017Registration Pipeline subject area and dashboard usersThe Spring 2017 Registration Goals in the Registration Pipeline subject area were not matching the external file provided. The Goals were fixed by correcting the file and uploading it to the subject area.
1739DashboardFixesAccounts Payable and Purchase Order Report (APPO)09/09/2017APPO usersThe Encumbrance Relief and PO Encumbrance Balance fields on the Purchase Order Summary page have been updated so that the calculations are correct when there are multiple dates under a single PO ID.
1830DashboardFixesAcademic Planner Requirement Status prompt09/22/2017Academic Planner Dashboard UsersThe prompt for Requirement Status was fixed.
1795Subject AreaEnhancementAcademic Planner09/22/2017Academic Planner Ad Hoc UsersMeta Data was added to the Academic Planner ad hoc subject area.
1739DashboardEnhancementBudget Summary Report9/22/2017Budget Summary Report UsersFund 90 under ATH01 (Athens) has been added to the Budget Summary Tab, All Other Funds prompt.
1825DashboardEnhancementRetention Dashboard09/22/2017OIR, SIS users
  1. Abu Dhabi and Shanghai Schools were filtered out from totals on the first three tabs ('One Year Retention Rate' ;'IPEDS Graduation Rate' ;'Graduation Rate' )
  2. Retention by Plan tab now requires prompts to be filled out before displaying results.


1694DashboardEnhancementDepartmental Metrics09/22/2017SIS users
  1. Apply and Reset buttons were removed from Departmental Metrics Dashboard
  2. The instructor derivation logic was moidfied from Job Family to Job Codes



DashboardNewAdmin Metrics - Call Metrics09/22/2017Call Center Managers, Admin Metrics Users

Beta release of the Call Metrics Dashboard. It is available as a dashboard page "Call Metrics" under the existing Administrative Metrics Dashboard. The following reports are available under this dashboard page:

  1. Productivity - Calls Answered/Abandoned Time
  2. Productivity - Average Speed to Answer
  3. Quality - Average Call Handle Time
  4. Quality - Hold to Handle Time
  5. Timeliness - Average & Median Speed of Answer
  6. Timeliness - Average & Median Hold Time
  7. Timeliness - Average & Median Handle Time
1764DashboardNewAdmin Metrics - SerivceLink Metrics09/22/2017FinanceLink Admin Metrics Users

Below heat maps are available under Productivity section of the "ServiceLink Metrics" dashboard page in Administrative Metrics Dashboard.

  1. Closed Request/Incident by Detail and Time Period
  2. Closed Request/Incident by Detail and University Service
1667RPDNewGrants Transparency Subject Area09/22/2017No one but the UDW+ internal team

Developed a new subject area called 'Grants Transparency' to develop the Grants Transparency compensation report .


1746ETLNewGrants Transparency Subject Area09/22/2017N/A

Developed a security table with the followig business rules:

  1. An authorized Compensation Report user with a relationship to a principal investigator through a primary position’s supervisory organization would have visibility to the principal investigator’s compensation across positions and units.
  2. An authorized Compensation Report user with a relationship to a principal investigator through a nonprimary position’s supervisory organization would have visibility to the principal investigator’s compensation limited to positions within the unit.


DashboardNewGrants Transparency Subject Area09/22/2017SPA/Department Administrators who process grants

Developed the Grants Transparency dashboard in which a department administrator will be able to run to view salary for a PI. Details in the following links:



RPDEnhancementEmployee Directory Subject Area09/22/2017No one yet but the UDW+ internal teamAs part of Grants Transparency the Employee Directory Subject Area was changed and the RPD needed to be updated in Prod.
1819DashboardEnhancementEmployee Directory Subject Area09/22/2017No one yet but the UDW+ internal teamFixed Employee Directory dashboard frame Around the prompt
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