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DeliverableItem TypeNew/EnhancementRelated ContentRelease DateTarget AudienceRelease Notes
1545RPDNewDepartmental Metrics5/5/17Departmental Metrics - User CommunityAdded Accounting Period to UDM-Projects subject area
1595DashboardFixRegistration Pipeline5/5/17Registration Pipeline dashboard usersOn the 'Weekly Enrollment vs. Goal' page of the Registration Pipeline dashboard, the drill reports for the 'Financial Clearance Status - Current vs. Prior Year' report were not working. The drill reports have been fixed.
1573DashboardFixStudent Dashboard5/5/17Student Dashboard usersFor pages: Study Away; Advisor Summary; Enrollments (located on the 'Meeting Pattern Reports' page) - the "Dashboard Tutorial" link was to be updated with the correct link.
1415 DashboardFixDepartmental Metrics5/5/17Departmental Metrics UsersFixed the All Faculty Tab - Ethnicity graph that was excluding minority groups.
1537,1538,1539,1540DashboardNewAdmin Metrics - Payroll Operational Dashboard5/19/17Admin Metrics - Payroll Operational Users

Payroll Operational Dashboard released to Production with below charts and drills. This can be navigated via the link within the Admin Metrics Dashboard - Operational Metrics page.

  • Count of Employees Paid
  • Count of payments issued
  • Payroll runs completed by Pay Group
  • Payees by Pay Group
1466ETLNewHR Salary Expense5/19/17Admin Metrics - Payroll Operational UsersBackfill historical payroll data in Salary Expense to the Workday deployment, providing a minimum of two-years' data for use in Administrative Metrics - Payroll Operational Dashboard. Below are the fields where the historical data was updated. Payment Date, Payment Method, Pay Cycle Type, Off-Cycle Reason, Pay Reason Type
1606DashboardUpdateRegistration Pipeline dashboard5/5/17Registration Pipeline dashboard usersUpdate Reg Pipeline dashboard to Summer 2017: the following Registration Pipeline dashboard page prompts have been updated to the Summer term. The pages included are: Weekly Enrollment vs. Goal, Financial Clearance, De-Registered Students, Comparative Registration (Today).
1505DashboardFixPosition Management dashboard5/19/17Position Management-User CommunityRemove unnecessary Analyze, Refresh, Print and Export hyperlinks on the top of the report. The original symptom was that these hyperlinks existed both in the top and bottom of results page. The ones on the top were not functioning and were removed through this QB work stream.
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