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Table of Contents:

  1. Purpose

  2. Release Notes 

  3. Support
  4. Additional Resources

1. Purpose – This page details the items released in December of 2013 with accompanying release notes. The items released include:

2. Release Notes –  Below are the various items released along with their respective item type, new/enhancement classification, any related content, release date, target audience, and release notes. 

  1. Budget Detail Subject Area Enhancements: 
    • Item Type: Subject Area
    • New/Enhancement: Enhancement
    • Related Content: Budget Summary
    • Release Date: 12/16/2013
    • Target Audience: Financial reporting ad-hoc users 
    • Notes:
      • Additional fields have been added to the budget detail subject area to help users identify additional information regarding their journals. The fields that have been added include operator ID, journal header long description, journal header status, and source. 
  2. Grants Detail Subject Area Enhancements: 

    • Item Type: Subject Area
    • New/Enhancement: Enhancement
    • Related Content: Grants 
    • Release Date: 12/16/2013
    • Target Audience: Grants administrators/SPA
    • Notes: 
      • New functionality and data elements have been add to the grants detail subject area. The list below highlights the new functionalities:
        • Effective Dates of Project Status – This is a new subject area which allows for reporting on project statuses. An example would be for SPA to calculate how many project were closed in a given month. 
        • Effective Dates of Overhead Rates – Overhead rates for indirect cost change over time for a given project. Prior to this functionality, users were only able to report on the current overhead rate when trying to reconcile indirect cost. This new functionality will allow users to see which indirect cost rate was applied on modified direct cost transactions throughout the life of a grant. 
        • New Project-Related Chartfield Attributes – When SPA sets up a project in Fame, they enter the fund, org, and program of the project. These attributes have been added to the subject area. These fields can be used to report on project by fund, org, and program where transactions may have not been recorded (this was not possible prior to this release).
  3. GL Journal Entries Subject Area: 

    • Item Type: Subject Area
    • New/Enhancement: New
    • Related Content: Ledger
    • Release Date: 12/16/2013
    • Target Audience: CDV financial reporting 
    • Notes: 
      • A new subject area is being made available to CDV and financial reporting. This subject area allows for reporting by ledger, chartfield, and journal transaction amounts. 


Item Released

Item Type


Related Content

Release Date

Target AudienceRelease Notes
GL Journal Entries Subject AreaSubject AreaNewLedger12/16/2013CDV Financial ReportingA new subject area is being made available to CDV and Financial Reporting. This subject area allows for reporting by ledger, chartfield and journal transaction amounts.
Budget Summary ReportStandard ReportEnhancementBudget Summary12/16/2013Financial Reporting - Standard Report Users

Two changes have been made to the Budget Summary Report. These changes have been made to both the OBIEE version of the report and PDF (BI Publisher) version.

  1. Exceptions have been added as a column in the report
  2. Exceptions amounts are now being factored into the remaining Balance on the report*

*Note - This may now cause Balance to show as negative

Fund Balance Report

Standard ReportEnhancementFund BalanceTBDFinancial Reporting - Standard Report Users

A new ITD Fund 21 report is being created to show Fund Balances*. This report will show the inception-to-date revenue and inception-to-date expenses. Currently, the report only shows current month and year-to-date amounts.

*Note - This report is not going to be available on 12/16/2013.

Grants Detail Subject Area EnhancementsSubject AreaEnhancementPoly12/16/2013Grants Administrators / SPA / PolyPoly research funds 26 and 27 are being added to the Grants Management subject area. Consequently, the Poly research projects for these funds will be available in the Grants Management Dashboard.
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