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Table of Contents:

  1. Purpose
  2. Fact Amounts

  3. Examples
  4. User Notes
  5. Additional Reports 

1. Purpose – The StudentLink Metrics dashboard was created to better leverage data in ServiceLink and provide StudentLink departments and leadership with a better understanding of key service metrics, performance indicators, areas of excellence/improvement, and trends over time. The primary objective of the dashboard is to provide functional owners with an overview of how many incidents/requests have been opened, closed, what the details were, and how the workload is distributed across their team. Data is available at various levels of aggregation, down to the full task and ticket detail level. Data is sourced from ServiceLink (built using the UDW+ ServiceLink subject area) and the Bursar satisfaction survey (embedded in ServiceLink) sent to all clients.

2. Fact Amounts – 

3. Examples – 

4. User Notes – Please note that by default the dashboard will display metrics for productivity. Below is a list of available StudentLink prompts:

  • Service Tower: By default, the service tower displays data for StudentLink. No additional selection is required here.
  • StudentLink Options: This is a required field and displays data for both StudentLink groups as well as the StudentLink service center by default. To deselect an option simply click on the checkbox and click outside of the prompt area. The dashboard will automatically reload. As this is a required field, users must choose at least one StudentLink option. 
  • Assignment Group: By default, all StudentLink and StudentLink center assignment groups are selected. To choose a specific assignment group, click on the drop-down arrow and click search. In the dialog box, click on the drop-down arrow next to name and choose "contains." Type in the first few characters of your assignment group, deselect the "match case" checkbox, and click search. You may add one or several assignment groups by using the "move" or "move all" buttons. 

 5. Additional Reports – 

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