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Table of Contents:

  1. Purpose

  2. Fact Amounts

  3. Examples

  4. User Notes

  5. Additional Reports

1. Purpose – Faculty counts are from the Human Resources Information System (HRIS) for academic years 2012 through 2013 and from PeopleSync beginning with the 2013-14 academic year. This information is augmented by data on secondary appointments for data from HRIS, research activity, recruitment, and retention provided by departments. All of the metrics are reported on a September 1 – August 31 year. Academic and fiscal metrics are labeled differently in order to avoid potential confusing from identifying academic years by the starting calendar year and fiscal years by the ending calendar year. For example, for the period September 1, 2012 through August 31, 2013 academic, metrics are labeled 12-13 and fiscal metrics FY13. Faculty data is updated nightly. Departmental data is updated annually in the fall. Please see the Departmental Metrics dashboard for details on how a fiscal year's faculty data is displayed prior to the addition of updated departmental input.

2. Fact Amounts –

  • Tenure-Track Faculty: For data coming from legacy HRIS, tenure-track faculty include those whose primary appointment recorded in the HRIS is the unit selected and those faculty with cross appointments (joint, associated, affiliated) with the unit selected. Departments verified the faculty with primary appointments and reported the cross appointments. For data coming from PeopleSync, tenure-track faculty include those with an academic appointment and a position in the job family "tenure/tenure-track full time faculty." All faculty employed at any time during the year are incorporated, including those on leave. Clicking on a bar segment displays a list of the faculty included. When drilling down to detail, a calculated FTE field will be displayed. All full time tenure-track faculty with annual appointments are counted as 1.00 FTE while those appointed for a semester are counted as .50 FTE. Those appointed for the summer are only counted as .25 FTE.


  • Sponsored Project Active Tenure-Track Faculty: A faculty member is identified as sponsored project active in an academic year if, in the academic year or any of the three prior, he/she was either the principal investigator on a grant proposal submission or the principal investigator/co-principal investigator on an active research project. In the future, submission of a grant proposal as co-principal investigator and principal investigator will qualify a faculty member as active. The criterion was limited because pre-award data on co-principal investigators was not available from Cayuse. Clicking on a number displays a list of the faculty included. This selection approximates the "research active" faculty category as defined by the Provost's Council on Science and Technology as faculty who, in the most recent three years, have:

    (i) published two articles, as author or co-author, in refereed journals; and/or

    (ii) published a book or research monograph; and/or

    (iii) served as a principal investigator, co-principal investigator or research scientist on an externally funded research grant; and/or

    (iv) advised a PhD student; and/or

    (v) mentored a post-doctoral fellow.

    The science departments for which this dashboard was initially created had the opportunity to identify additional research-active faculty so their 2010-11, 2011-12 and 2012-13 counts can include additions to the project-based counts. Prior-year data does not roll forward. Research-active faculty are identified algorithmically each year, and departmental additions were required each year.

  • New Hires: Full Time Tenure-Track Faculty: New hire counts are derived from Human Resources data. A new hire is defined as a faculty member employed in a given year who was not employed in a faculty position in the prior year. Faculty members who begin their appointment on or after July 1 are considered a new hire in the subsequent academic year. Clicking on a bar segment displays a list of the new hires.


  • Age Distribution of Tenure-Track Faculty: A histogram is presented based on the faculty member's age, in aggregated age bands, as of September 1 in an academic year. Filter options are provided for rank and academic year. Person detail is not provided.


  • Gender of Tenure-Track Faculty: The gender of faculty with primary appointments is reported as recorded in HRIS or PeopleSync. Person detail is not provided.


  • Ethnicity of Tenure-Track Faculty:The ethnicity of faculty with primary appointments is reported in federal reporting categories as recorded in HRIS or PeopleSync. Faculty who report Hispanic ethnicity are classified as Hispanic regardless of their racial identification. Faculty who are not Hispanic are reported in a racial group if they reported one, as "two or more races" if they reported more than one racial group, or as "race and ethnicity unknown" if no designation is recorded. Person detail is not provided.

3. Examples –

4. User Notes – Please note that the Tandon School of Engineering faculty data requires further cleanup in PeopleSync in order to represent complete and accurate information. The faculty counts displayed on the Departmental Metrics dashboard can differ from the counts displayed on the HR Administration dashboard. The HR Administration dashboard includes faculty in filled positions at a specific point in time. The "as of" date determines the point in time. The Departmental Metrics dashboard includes aggregated faculty employed at any time during the year.

  • Example – Professor Morpheus was a member of the faculty from January 1 through March 31. The Departmental Metrics dashboard will include Professor Morpheus in the aggregated count of faculty for that academic year. The HR Administration dashboard will include Professor Morpheus if you select an "as of" date within the date range of January 1 through March 31 for that year. If you select an "as of" date before January 1 or after March 31 for that year, Professor Morpheus will not be included on the HR Administration dashboard.
  • Note – The other faculty counts on this page and all other dashboard pages include, in a unit's faculty count, only those with primary appointments (i.e. excludes cross appointments where the unit is not the primary unit).

Additionally, please note that on March 20th 2015 the "Recruitment of Tenure-Track Faculty" and "Retention of Tenure-Track Faculty Who Receive Counteroffers" charts have been removed from this page. This data was gathered manually for the initial nine science departments. At this time, there is no systematic way to gather and update faculty recruitment and retention statistics for all NYU departments.

5. Additional Reports –

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