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Invalid Costing Allocations and Payroll Suspense Dashboard is designed to inform fiscal officers and other users with the information necessary to identify positions with invalid chartfield combinations. This dashboard provides two reports, the Invalid Costing Allocations and Payroll Suspense. The Invalid Costing Allocations helps identify positions that might result in suspense if the corresponding chartfield error(s) are not corrected before the payroll cycle runs. In addition, the Payroll Suspense report’s intended purpose is to provide users the availability of viewing invalid costing assignments that have been already deemed suspended.

Please note:

●     Payroll suspense consists of salaries associated with invalid costing allocations in PeopleSync, invalid chartfield combinations related to payroll accounting adjustments, and cost transfers processed through the Effort Reporting System (ERS). 

●     It will be incumbent upon each school and department to review the report and process the necessary journal entry to correct the payroll edit suspense transactions. Schools and departments will also need to review the “Invalid Costing Allocations” report to determine if the PeopleSync costing allocation needs to be corrected.

●     A delay in correcting the suspense may result in a significant financial burden to the school or department from an erroneous balance available associated with an operating, discretionary, or sponsored account.  Additionally, in the case of a sponsored project, the award may expire and the ability to invoice the sponsor for the salaries, fringe and associated overhead may be lost.

For further insight on either dashboard page please refer to:

Invalid Costing Allocations

Payroll Suspense

Who should use this Dashboard?

Fiscal Officers/Department Administrators/Payroll/SPA

Training and Access

Please visit UDW+ Financial Reporting Training and Access.

Reference Material

Below are the two tip sheets related to Payroll Accounting Adjustments in PeopleSync. Both of these (along with all other PeopleSync training materials) can be found in iLearn by searching for "PeopleSync" or "HRS 000". 


User's access is based on Supervisory Org and Cost Center from PD3 Security.  (Sup Org will capture all users from HR perspective and PD3 Cost Center will enable FO owners/users).


For inquiries in resolving non-sponsored payroll edit suspense transactions, please contact FinanceLink at or by calling at (212) 998-1111
For inquiries resolving sponsored funds payroll edit suspense transactions, please email the SPA team.
For questions about UDW+, contact Decision Support Group at 212-998-2900 or



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