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Have you observed a discrepancy between what you were expecting to see, and what you are seeing?

To begin working to resolve the apparent discrepancy:

  1. First check the explanation about the dashboard found in the metadata pages.  You can get to the metadata for any dashboard page by clicking on the link labeled “About This Page” at the top of that page.
  2. If possible, check the data in the source system (fame, Albert/SIS, Workday) and see if the discrepancy occurs in source/transaction system also. If so, it will need to be corrected at the source and will be most efficient to contact the source system administrators directly. 
  3. If the metadata/Wiki entry is not helpful to resolve this particular item, and the data in the source system differs from the data in UDW+, please contact the Decision Support Group (DSG).  You can reach the DSG best via e-mail (  For more information about the DSG, please click here.

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