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This page has four sections. Links at the top provide access to external metrics comparing sponsored program activity at NYU with other universities, and to a dashboard focused on proposals for projects NYU identifies as "MegaGrants."  

Year-over-year tracking of grant expenditure and proposal submissions place the current year in context. Current-year data exclude the current month to avoid the appearance of decreased growth that partial-month data would suggest.

Proposal success rates are summarized for the current and prior three fiscal years. As on other dashboards only proposals classifed in Cayuse as New, Renewal or Resubmission are included in these calculations. The success rate is calculated as successful proposals / total proposals, but "in progress" proposals which it is premature to classify as unsuccessful are identified to clarify current year activity. In progress proposals are those submitted within a year of the dashboard date that are neither successful nor unsuccessful because no response has been received from the sponsor. Additional information about proposal metrics is provided in the Departmental Metrics metadata.Departmental Metrics proposal metadata.

Top researchers are identied in the third section of this page. The projects included for the top 20 award recipients are those with a project start date during the prior fiscal year recorded in FAME. The proposals qualifiying a researcher as a top requester are those submitted in the prior fiscal year. Thus the qualifying awards and requests are mismatched; funding for projects starting in a given fiscal year may have been requested in a prior year.

The last section of this page distributes sponsored program expense and requested amounts by department.

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