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The Student Success page summarizes four measures and links to subpages that display detail on 

  • Freshman One-Year Retention Rate
  • Freshman Graduation Rate
  • Master’s Completions
  • Doctoral Completions

By default the graduation/completion graphs show detail on students completing within different periods of time to place in context completion rates for the more recent entry groups included. For example, the freshman graduation rate graph shows the percent of students who completed in four years or less and the percent of students who completed in five or six years. The overall completion rate for students in the most recent entry group—those entering four years prior to the current year—is lower than those entering earlier, but the percent completing within four years is comparable.

Data Details

Each graph shows five years of data chosen to provide years as recent as appropriate for each metric. For example, the Freshman One-Year Retention Rate shows data for the prior fiscal year and four previous years because “success” only requires one year. But the most recent year shown for the Freshman Graduation Rate is for four years prior to the current academic year because few students graduate in less than four years.

The rates shown are for fall entry groups. Consistent with the federal (IPEDS) definition of freshman cohorts those groups include students entering in the prior summer term. Detail on students entering in other terms is available in the UDW+ Retention Dashboard.

The freshman retention and graduation rates are for full-time baccalaureate-seeking students entering Steinhardt who meet the federal (IPEDS) definition of first-time/full-time students. Transfer entrants are excluded. Students entering in the summer are included in the fall entry group. This entry group is displayed on the IPEDS Graduation Rate tab of the Retention Dashboard.

The entry groups for master's and doctoral students do not include summer entrants.

Success Rate Detail: Subpage Contents

The four subpages all include the following content.

Retention/Graduation Rate

The graph in the upper left shows the success rate for five years repeating the graph shown on the summary page.  

The total success rate is provided in an alternative view. 


The upper right graph shows the counts associated with each rate: the size of the entry group and the number of successful students. 

Aggregate Success Rates

The lower half of each page aggregates annual data to provide a larger population for the evaluation of success rates by Ethnic Group and Academic Plan. For example, the Freshman Graduation Rate page shows student entering at least six years prior to the current academic year to include in the detail only students expected to have graduated. The entry groups included are listed.

The aggregate rate is the total number of successful students in the years selected divided by the total number of entering students in those years. 

The default and alternative data views are

  • Default: Aggregate Success Rate by Ethnic Group
  • Alternative: Counts

 Default: Aggregate Success Rate by Plan

  • Alternative: Detail by Year

Note that the Detail by Year can be limited to a selected year or years. Click on the Term column heading, then right click to reveal the options to “Keep Only” or “Remove.”

Full detail on an Ethnic Category or Plan may be selected with the prompts at the top of the page.


UDW+ SIS Retention Summary

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