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General Information

This page displays the employment status and funding of doctoral students who are enrolled or maintaining matriculation. It includes a summary categorizing these students as employed or unemployed and detail on their funding sources.

Doctoral students only receiving stipends are not employees of NYU and are counted as not employed.

Because employment data are drawn from PeopleSync this dashboard begins with data for fall 2014. Previous data are either unavailable (prior to FY2013) or incomplete. 

Data and Definitions

Data sources: Employment data from PeopleSync are combined with enrollment data from SIS to create this analysis.

Update frequency: The data on this page are updated weekly on Sunday evenings.

Reporting Year: This page references the Fall semester. An academic year consists of a Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer term, which include two calendar years. The fall semester will refer to the calendar year in which the Fall semester occurs. For example, Fall 2012 refers to the fall semester that occurred in calendar year 2012.

Doctoral students are those enrolled or maintaining matriculation. Students are assigned to departments by their Primary Academic Plan. First-year students are those identified as “New Doctoral” in SIS. The doctoral category excludes MD, DDS and JD students.

Employed students are those who have a position with compensation or activity-based pay during the term selected.

Employment funding amounts are determined by allocating the student’s planned compensation to terms. To measure funding by term annualized amounts are allocated as follows. One student may have more than one allocation.

Term Funding = Total Planned Compensation * Term Funding Days / 365 (or 366 for leap years)

Term Funding Days is the number of days the activity overlaps with the term, identified by the beginning and end dates of the standardized academic term.

Technical note: The calendar year includes time periods not included in any academic term. Employment funding in those period is allocated to the following term as follows:

  • Days between fall and winter: allocated to winter
  • Days between winter and spring: allocated to spring
  • Days between spring and summer: allocated to summer
  • Days between summer and fall: allocated to fall

Funding Source: Employment funding is shown in three categories based on the Fund from which it is drawn:

  • Federal = Fund 25
  • Other External Funding = Fund 24, 72, 73, and 76
  • All Other Funds = All other funds unspecified funds

Dashboard Content

The top row of this dashboard categorizes all new doctoral students are employed or unemployed.

The second row summarizes the total funding that supports their employment. As always in this dashboard funding is shown in thousands of dollars.

The table at the bottom of the page shows the count of student employment sources associated with each funding category. Students with funding from more than one source and more than one row per position within a fund type or in more than one fund type are counted more than once. For example, a student with two positions and three rows of funding in one source would be counted three times. A student with two positions with one row of funding per position would be counted once per funding source. A student with two positions where two rows of funding are in one position and one row of funding is in one position would be counted twice in one funding source and once in another funding source.

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