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General Information 

Data sources: This page displays publicly available comparative data and institutional rankings. Links to sources and detail about the data are provided on the dashboard page. Data from the NSF expenditure surveys were extracted in March 2014 from the NSF's WebCaspar data source ( There are a few differences between these data and the tables published on the NSF website.

Please note the Tandon School of Engineering data will be added in the next update. 

Update frequency: This page is updated annually as new data become available.

Reporting year: The years on this page reflect the fiscal year reported by each institution. Institutions' fiscal years may span different months.

NYU Research and Development Expenditures and Rank

NYU's Sponsored Program Administration submits data annually to the NSF's Higher Education Research and Development Survey and completed its predecessor, the Survey of Research and Development Expenditures at Universities and Colleges. Data definitions and details about the data collected are included in the survey form available via a link on the dashboard page.

Rankings are based on all institutions included in the survey.

Expenditures are classified by institutions' fiscal year. For example, the Fiscal Year 2011 survey due February 2012 specified: "Please report R&D activities and expenditures for your institution’s 2011 fiscal year."

Data note: Prior year rankings may change when the graphs are updated. Data for all five years shown on the dashboard are extracted from the NSF website each time the data are updated, and there are changes in the NSF's historical data that can alter the rankings.

Use note: Institutional detail is available from the dashboard by drilling on any of the graph's bars. A table of detail can be exported to Excel for further analysis of selected peers. To locate a specific institution in the dashboard table use the browser's "Find" option. At the top left click on Firefox --> Find. A dialog box opens at the bottom of the page in which you can type an institution's name.

Research and Development Expenditures: Institutional Comparisons and Federal Agency Detail

This section permits the comparison of NYU's expenditure trends with other universities. Multiple institutions may be selected from the Institution drop-down list, which includes all American AAU universities. By default the Federal Expenditures graph displays total expenditures, but expenditures funded by a specific agency may be selected.

NSF Proposals and Awards

The National Science Foundation publishes data on proposals and awards on the website identified on the dashboard page. The comparison group "Other AAU Universities in New York State" is a convenience sample because that website is organized by state. 

Detail by discipline and NSF organization not included in the dashboard is available on the NSF website. To protect privacy institutions with small numbers of proposals are not included in the institutional listings. Data are reported by federal fiscal year, October 1 to September 30.

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