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General Information

Data source: Faculty Achievement data are provided by the initial Science departments.

Update frequency: These data are updated annually in the fall.

Content: Implementing the recommendations of the Provost's Council on Science and Technology, departments were requested to provide "truly significant awards (Nobel Prize, Fields Medal, Turing Award etc.)," "truly significant, high impact results," and "truly significant leadership positions in academe and government." No high impact results were reported. On the dashboard Fellows are reported as a separate category because some departments reported them as awards and some as leadership positions.

Prestige level: Departments were requested to identify the achievements as prestigious or highly prestigious. No general criteria for those categories were provided.

Use note: A few awards are missing the recipient's name. That results from the departmental data submission and can be corrected in the next update.

Reporting Year: The years listed on this dashboard reflect the year that each item was reported.


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