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General Information

IPEDS Graduation Rate page displays the FTFT cohort graduation rate.  This data can be filtered by the Cohort's term of entry, the Term of Entry Degree Sub Level, Legal Sex , School, and Ethnicity .

This page is run for First Time Full Time Entry Cohort = Y

  • This cohort designation is specific to the IPEDS Graduation Rate Survey (GRS)
  • This attribute tracks and aggregates students that entered in either (a) the fall as first-time full-time freshman or (b) in the summer (part-time or full-time first-time freshman) and re-enrolled in the fall as full-time students
  • Only applies to undergraduate freshman students
  • By default, Abu Dhabi and Shanghai are excluded from the selected Cohort Schools.

Data Point:

Prior to 2012, Office of Institutional Research did not include students enrolled in the Liberal Studies Core Program in the Enrolled Entry Cohort. This population of students is excluded from the IPEDS Graduation Rate in the Dashboard.  Because of this, the graduation rates on the IPEDS Graduation Rate page are higher than the rates on the regular Graduation Rate page.

Data Sources

Data is sourced from UDW+ and is built using SIS - Retention and SIS - Retention Summary Subject Areas.

Dashboard Prompt Filters

IPEDS Graduation Rate page is intended to be run with a minimal number of filters. 

The following dashboard filters are available for further refining the data.

Cohort Term of Entry main filter 
Cohort School main filter By default, Abu Dhabi an Shanghai are excluded from the selected cohort schools.
TOE IPEDS Ethnicity Group main filter 
TOE Legal Sex main filter 
TOE Degree Sub Levelmain filterAllows users to isolate any 'Associates' degrees

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