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General Information

Internal Transfer Activity tab features Student Transfer activity between schools within New York University. 

Data Sources

Data is sourced from xxx and is built using SIS - Retention Subject Area.

Dashboard Prompt Filters

Internal Transfer Activity page is intended to be run with a minimal number of filters.  A variety of filters is available to further refine counts by Cohort Term of Entry, Cohort New Continuing Type, Cohort School, Cohort Degree Level,  and Transferred to School.

The following dashboard prompts are available for filtering results:

Cohort Term of Entrymain filterMandatory field.
Cohort New Continuing Typemain filter 
Cohort Schoolmain filter 
Cohort Degree Levelmain filter 
Transferred to Schoolmain filter 

Internal Transfer Activity

This report displays internal transfer activity between schools by Cohort Term of Entry.  This can be viewed for all schools or filtered on particular cohort shcool and transfer school. 

(Note: This report is counting transfers. A student who has multiple internal transfers is counted multiple times)

Top Schools Transferring In and Out

A table displays top transferring In and Out schools.  This report does not inherit the filters for Cohort School or Transferred to school. This portion of the dashboard is solely looking at the top schools transferring in and out.

Top schools Transferring In and Out do not

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