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Welcome to NYU's Reporting & Analytics Wiki!

This site and the pages within are meant to provide users with information on the reporting and analytical tools and resources available to them as part of the NYU community. There is a lot of information both within this wiki and scattered across other online resources, but the goal of the NYU Reporting and Analytics Wiki is to create a central repository of information, consistently formatted to provide easy navigation and low-effort use by NYU faculty and staff. As this is updated, the pages will follow the basic formatting outline seen here, though with additional or fewer sections, as relevant to that page's topic.



  • To make sure users know what reporting and analytic resources are available

  • To help users navigate and make use of those resources

  • To have a central location for information, updates, and resources relating to reporting and data analysis at NYU. 

Wiki Contents

The Reporting and Analytics Wiki is broken down into 6 main sections.

Each of these contains several more sub-pages (and sub-sub-pages, etc). For example, if you wanted to know more about reports available to run in Workday/Peoplsync, you would want to start by choosing the Pre-built Reports page, and continue from there. A full site-map/page-tree is available at the bottom of every (almost) page, with a search option that will search only the NYU Reporting & Analytics Wiki pages.

Gaining Access to the Wiki

Access to the wiki is not restricted. To find the Reporting & Analytics Wiki, you have a few options:

  • Bookmark this page (easiest!)


  • Search for NYU Wiki on NYU Home and click Go on the Wiki card (or navigate to
    • and then use the search field on the top right of the Wiki to search for the "Reporting and Analytics Wiki"


  • Log into UDW+, go to one of the pre-built reports, and click the "About this page" on the top left corner.


Navigating the Wiki

Unfortunately, the Wiki platform (Confluence) does not allow links to be opened in new tabs/windows, so you will have to manually do that (right click, choose "Open link in new tab") if you would like to open the link in a new tab.

It also doesn't make creating an easy-flow resource wiki very easy, so apologies for any difficulty or frustration you encounter. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions, requests for assistance, or ideas on how we can make the Wiki more useful and accessible. 

Personally, I find it easiest to use the left-navigation panel in the NYU Wikis to navigate through the Wiki. 

See Also

Decision Support & Financial Analysis Group's (DSG) website on

We are Group

Site Map

Below is a Site Map to help you navigate; searching here will search only the wiki pages found within NYU Reporting & Analytics wiki. 

You can also access this Site Map here.


This wiki is a work in progress and will be updated semi-regularly. Please reach out to with any questions.

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