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General Information

The Payroll Suspense report’s intended purpose is to provide users the availability of viewing invalid costing assignments that have been already deemed suspended. This report will provide a visual for FOs/Department Administrators/Payroll/SPA to take the necessary corrective measures.

Please Note:

  • An invalid chartfield is either an invalid value for individual chartfield data element (business unit, fund, account, project, program, org) or combination of chartfield data elements (e.g. fund and project combination is not valid, fund and account combination is not valid, etc.). The chartfield validation process takes place in FAME. 
  • All records exposed in this report are associated with Washington Square.
  • The Business Unit prompt's default case is Washington Square and Status prompt's default case is Not Corrected.

Data Sources and Update Frequency

UDW+ receives this information from FAME. The data is refreshed daily, as indicated by the date/time stamp in the upper right hand corner of each dashboard page.

Explanation of ‘Status’ Logic

Status = Corrected

For the status to be noted as corrected in the report, the following columns need to have a corresponding adjustment record that nets the original record to zero: ‘Regular’, ‘Expense Transfer’, ‘Overtime’ and ‘Extra’.

Ex:  If the field ‘Regular’ Amount has a value of $200 there needs to be an adjustment record of -$200. So that the amount nets to zero. If this is the case and all the corresponding fields (Expense Transfer, Overtime, and Extra) have a net total amount of zero then the record will be deemed corrected.

Status = Not Corrected

If the status is Not Corrected in the report, the following columns do not have a corresponding adjustment record that nets the total amount to zero: ‘Regular’, ‘Expense Transfer’, ‘Overtime’ and ‘Extra’.

Please Note: The report includes a field entitled 'Last Updated Date' to display when an adjustment (if any) was made to the record.

Data returned in the Payroll Suspense Report

  • Period
  • Unit
  • Account
  • Fund
  • Supervisory Org
  • Dept
  • Program
  • Project
  • Employee ID
  • End Date
  • Name
  • Regular
  • Expense Transfer
  • OverTime
  • Extra
  • Fringe Amount
  • Journal ID
  • Year
  • Position ID
  • Position Title
  • Job Code
  • Job Code Description
  • NYU Pay Group
  • Location
  • Run Date
  • Posting Date
  • Combo Stat
  • Error Message
  • Last Updated Date
  • Correction Indicator

Security: User's access is based on Supervisory Org and Cost Center from PD3 Security.  (Sup Org will capture all users from HR perspective and PD3 Cost Center will enable FO owners/users).

Use Notes:

A wide variety of dashboard prompts have been made available so that users have the option to filter by chartfield, journal ID, position ID, or employee ID. The default case for ‘status’ is not corrected so that corrective action may be taken by the users to make proper adjustments to accounts already in suspense.


Why can I not see records for the beginning of the 2017 fiscal year?

The valid chartfields in FAME change on a daily basis and since this new process was not available at the beginning of the fiscal year we would not be able to recreate the suspense items that occurred prior to go-live.

What does 'en' mean under the Fund column, for this specified record?

If 'en' is shown in the report that means the wrong 'Fund 10' was selected for the specified record.


For questions about UDW+, contact Decision Support Group at 212-998-2900 or

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