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General Information

The purpose of this page is to allow users the ability to track the enrollment status and graduation activity of students enrolled in a particular primary plan.

Retention by Plan - All Plan Statuses: This report can be viewed in either Chart or Table format.

The report displays Student Cohort Headcount at Term of Entry (ToE) for a primary plan, and the subsequent activity for that group of students in the Fall or Spring out terms. The Retention by Plan Table allows a user to drill down to detail to view students' activity in a plan. The Retention by Plan Chart gives a visual display of what happened to the original cohort. These two reports look at all registration statuses and create groupings based on those statuses.

Retention by Plan- Enrolled and Graduated - shows overall enrolled headcount at term of entry for a primary plan.  Subsequent Fall and Spring terms only look at students, from that cohort,  that remain enrolled or that graduated. Specifically, the report shows if the cohort remain enrolled or graduated from the TOE Primary Plan, or if they enrolled or graduated in another plan.

Data Sources

Data is sourced from UDW+ and is built using SIS - Retention and SIS - Retention Summary Subject Areas.



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