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There are five unique reports in the Accounts Payable & Purchase Order Reports group:

Payment Status Report

The Payment Status Report reflects the status of all payments made via check, wire transfer, or Automated Clearing House to a vendor or through a manual payment process. The Payment Status report can be viewed by Vendor Name, Check Number, Invoice Number or all payments for a chartfield. By default, the page is set to search by Chartfields.


Unpaid Approved Vouchers Report

The Unpaid Approved Vouchers Report shows all non-purchase order vouchers that have been approved and processed. The expenses have posted, yet payment has not been issued to the vendor.


Purchase Order Summary Report

The Purchase Order Summary Report summarizes the Purchasing and Accounts Payable transactions by account and PO ID. The PO ID column includes a drill to the Purchase Order Transaction Line Detail. Use this report to determine your PO encumbrance balances by date or voucher.


Purchase Order Detail Report

The Purchase Order Detail Report shows details of each Purchasing and Accounts Payable transaction by PO ID and Voucher ID. This report also shows vouchers paid against the PO.


Unpaid Purchase Orders Report

The Unpaid Purchase Orders Report shows vouchers that have been created against invoices yet payment has not been issued. This report includes columns for Scheduled Pay Date (can be different from payment date), Payment Hold Reason (if payment is on hold) and Entry Status.

UPS Weekly Charges Report

The UPS Weekly Report shows UPS invoices rolled up to Fund and Org, displaying their date range and payment status. This report includes the tracking number of the UPS package in the Description column.


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